William Cunningham

William Cunningham has been painting professionally for over twenty years. His works hang in galleries across Ireland and Britain and his last show saw 83 paintings sell in less than three weeks. His originals have been reproduced as prints and greeting cards and sell readily throughout Europe and North America. He is currently undertaking a series of commissions for limited edition prints.

Throughout his career he has drawn inspiration from the everyday events of Irish life, rejoicing in the comparatively unspoilt countryside of his native Ulster and chronicling its seasonal changes with an affectionate and respectful eye.

His art has evolved through several stages only to return, almost paradoxically, to the point at which he started a quarter of a century ago. His bold use of colour, particularly his application of blues, reds, gold and silver add extra dimensions to the enduring landscapes, timeless music sessions and other traditional activities which he takes as his themes.

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